About Us

Kids Choice Granville has been providing quality childcare to the Granville community more than 20 years. We understand all aspects of childcare service and strive to meet the needs of every child and family in the community.

Throughout our childcare centre, you will find dedicated and passionate educators who provide a nurturing and secure environment. This allows children to reach their full potential. Kids Choice Granville is a privately owned centre and embodies the spirit of community and a sense of belonging, not only to our families but for the amazing educators we work with.


Continuous Learning and Development for Our Educators

We understand the value of ongoing education, which is why we provide a variety of professional development programs for our educators. These internal and external training courses enhance our team’s knowledge, skills and qualifications in the childcare industry. By supporting our educators, we are providing the opportunity for growth and continuous improvement in the practices and environments we provide to our children and families.

DSC_8302-wpcf_640x480-stretchedNurturing Young Learners

Enrolling your children in a childcare centre is an important personal decision. You want to ensure the environment is safe, nurturing, stimulating, and is supervised by qualified Early Childhood professionals. We are conscious of the important decisions families make when identifying those to teach and nurture your children.

Deciding whether to use childcare or not is never easy, but we are here to guide and help you. Current research reveals the involvement of children in fun learning activities is essential to their overall brain development. We provide the best combination of academics and entertainment to unleash your child’s full potential.


Our Programs


We create programs based on our children’s interests, to enhance their learning potential. We integrate the following into our educational programs:

  • Early Years Learning Framework
  • My Time Our Place
  • Queensland, Victorian, and South Australian Kindergarten Learning Guidelines

Early Years Learning Framework

As part of the Australian Government’s National Quality Framework, the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) focuses on enhancing children’s learning capabilities until they reach the age of six. We aim to prepare them for their school transition.

At Kids Choice Granville, we apply play-based learning to promote improved communication, emotional and social development.

Our Educators use EYLF in their programs to help children develop the following:

  • Sensibility about well-being
  • A sense of connectivity with the world
  • Expertise in communication skills
  • Involvement and confidence in their learning
  • A smart sense of identification

Our centre is also authorised to provide a kindergarten program under the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines. A suitably trained Early Childhood teacher delivers our kindergarten program in an enriched environment to promote high-quality learning.

Involvement of Guardians

We value our guardians’ input and participation in the development of our centre and our children. We encourage to visit our centre and take part in our activities during special events, such as open days, Mother’s and Father’s Day morning teas, and Christmas parties and more


Technology is a huge part of our professional and personal lives now—it influences how we work, how we learn, and importantly how we communicate and connect with others. That’s why Kids Choice Granville is working with a new online platform called Storypark that will give parents the opportunity to share what’s happening at home, see what’s happening in the centre, and provide real-time feedback to educators.

Storypark is a secure, private online community in which educators, parents, and family members work together to respond to children’s learning captured via images, audio, video, and text.

Granville Facebook

During the day Educators within your child's classroom, will document your child's group learning and play on our centre Facebook page. Facebook is an excellent way to share these details with family and friends, or "check in" during your day. Documented learning are all linked to the learning outcomes of the EYLF (Early Year Learning Framework) to help us both achieve the best for your child, when they learn, laugh and have fun with us!